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We need volunteers to serve breakfast

especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Come find out what a rewarding 

experience this can be.

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Who Are Our Guests?


“In most cases, to be homeless in America is not a sign of laziness or incapacity, but an indicator of people who struggle immensely, both physically and emotionally, to survive against the odds.” 

We  serve  all  who  come  to  us  seeking  to  be  fed:  young  and  old,  men  and  women  of  any  race  or  creed.  Most  are  homeless  or  underemployed;  some  are  fighting  addiction  or  illnesses,  and  all  struggle  immensely  to  survive  against  the  odds.

Meet Jason


Jason came to Shalom 4 years ago in a wheelchair, having lost both his legs below the knees. Jason was homeless, sleeping outside in freezing weather, and frostbite claimed his legs. Today, he’s upright again, and walking thanks to new prosthetic legs. He is grateful for the meals Shalom shared with him during his recovery.

“Many people are hungry for bread that will satisfy their bodies, but they are just as hungry for love that will satisfy their soul.

Many people are naked and need clothes that will protect their bodies. Emotionally, these same people experience a nakedness of soul as they are slowly stripped of their human dignity.

Homelessness is more than just not having a home. Homelessness is being and feeling rejected, unwanted, unloved, and uncared for.

Most homeless people have forgotten how the human touch warms the soul and causes us to smile, and all people long for someone to recognize them and to wish them well.”

Listen to what one of our guests says about "Dining with Dignity."